Client’s Rights


Central Clinic is dedicated to client rights and confidentiality of client information in all service delivery and operations. Under Ohio law, client rights apply to people who have received services in the past, are currently receiving services, or have applied for services.

What are my rights?

  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Access to your clinical record
  • No discrimination or prejudice in receiving services
  • Ability to agree to or refuse any service in your treatment plan
  • Ability to make decisions about taking medication
  • Privacy from secret observation
  • Independent consultation (at your cost)
  • Knowledge of any reasons for termination or denial of services
  • File a complaint or grievance (with help if requested)

Who do I talk to if I have a concern, a complaint or a question?

We encourage you to talk to your clinician or their supervisor first. However, at any time, you can contact the Client Rights Officer for your program, your County Client Rights Officer, or Disability Rights Ohio (formerly Ohio Legal Rights Services).

Who is my Program, or Agency, Client Rights Officer?

Barb Namett: (513) 558-2941 for Adult Services, Child and Family Treatment Center, Mental Health Access Point (MHAP), and general information for all of Central Clinic

Who is my County Client Rights Officer?

Please call (513) 946-8600.

What is the number for Disability Rights Ohio?

You can call toll free at 1-800-282-9181