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Probate Court Liaison / Clinical Reviewer: Sarah Hyatt, RN, JD

General Information

Outpatient civil commitment - A multi-system collaborative effort (including the Probate Court, Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Mental Health Access Point and CPST agencies) which provides and monitors Probate Court-ordered outpatient mental health services in the community setting while a respondent (patient) remains under the jurisdiction of the Probate Court. To access outpatient forms, please visit Useful Information > Forms > Probate > Outpatient.

Inpatient civil commitment - MHAP staff assess clinical data contained in Probate affidavits to assist the Probate Court in determining if the named respondent is mentally ill and subject to involuntary commitment to a hospital. MHAP staff then makes a referral to a hospital for commitment if clinically indicated. To access inpatient forms, please visit Useful Information > Forms > Probate > Inpatient.

Coordination of transfers from community hospital psychiatric units to the state psychiatric hospital.

Fact Sheet

  • Outpatient Community Probate (OCP) is an involuntary treatment status ordered by a Probate Court. When a client is placed on OCP status, he/she will have periodic court hearings through Probate Court to determine if he/she should remain on OCP.
  • Options to determine the date of OCP periodic court hearings:
    • View the Probate Court web site at , Records Search, Mental Health, enter client’s name, and submit. Check docketing for the most current next full hearing date.
    • Call Clinical Review staff/Sarah Hyatt at 558-9503 or Probate Support Specialist at 558-3425.
    • Your agency will receive a hearing notification 30 days prior to the hearing date. This can be obtained from your agency’s Probate Court liaison.
  • Required documents for hearings: A 30-day notification letter will provide notice of the documents required for the Probate Court hearings. All documents need to contain current clinical information (within 30 days) or a client's history with the date indicated. All documents must be typed, signed by the appropriate parties, including the client, and faxed to MHAP (558-0512) at least five business days prior to the hearing.
  • The documents needed for the hearing are available at Useful Information > Forms > Probate.
    • Physician's Evaluation
    • Case Manager's Report
    • Outpatient Treatment Plan
    • Request for Continuance
    • Application for Voluntary Treatment
    • Request for Dismissal
  • If a client is stabilized and adhering to his/her Outpatient Treatment Plan, the client can be offered the option of voluntary treatment. The Application of Voluntary Treatment may be signed by the treating outpatient psychiatrist and the client at any time during the client's treatment and submitted to MHAP.
  • Even if a patient missed one or more appointments or cannot be found, a report must be submitted. There is a provision in the Case Manager Report and an Addendum to Physician Evaluation to address clients that are non-compliant with their services.
  • A Request for Continuance is only appropriate when a client goes inpatient prior to hearing date, a client is currently incarcerated in jail/prison, a client is newly placed on OCP, or a situation arises that is not addressed by other documentation.
  • If documents are not submitted correctly to MHAP within established time frames, responsible parties are subject to being subpoenaed to court.