Outpatient Forms

All forms require Adobe Acrobat and are not supported on mobile devices.

Agencies may submit their own treatment plans. Treatment plans are required to include the following:

  • “Legal” is listed as a presenting problem
  • Discharge from OCP is a stated objective
  • Probate Court is listed as a collateral contact
  • A signature line is present for the client

If your client is on court ordered treatment, the treatment plan must be reviewed with the client and include the following statement pertaining to adherence to medication regime: “I understand that my court-ordered treatment plan requires that I take my medication as prescribed. Failure to do so could result in me being transported by sheriff’s deputies to my agency or hospital for my medication to be administered.” The client must sign their name or initial following this statement. If the client refuses, the agency shall note the fact of their review and the Respondent’s refusal to sign.