Adult Care Facility

Adult Care Facilities

Designed to provide support and guidance and to motivate each client to their own recovery and eventual independence

  • Resident of Hamilton County age 18 and older
  • Have a severe mental illness
  • Active with Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) Services
  • Must not require 24 hour supervision or skilled nursing care
  • Willing to accept direction and guidance and live with others in a group setting
  • Shared rooms
  • Provides three meals and a snack daily
  • Provides personal care services in a family-like setting
  • Home Operator on site a minimum of 16 hours per week
  • Homes are licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health
  • Fee - No income - subsidized by the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board (HCMHRSB)
  • Fee - With income - sliding fee scale - Income status updates required throughout the individual's placement

To make a referral:

  • CPST worker completes the Mental Health Plan of Care for Adult Care Facilities (ACF) form (pages 1-6) and submits it to the MHAP Housing Specialist via fax at (513) 558-3100
  • MHAP Housing Specialist will review the Mental Health Plan of Care and contact the CPST worker to set up and interview with the client
  • MHAP Housing Specialist will determine if the individual is eligible for an Adult Care Facility and send a service ticket to the Central Community Health Board (CCHB) authorizing placement in an Adult Care Facility
  • CCHB Residential Program Director will send a list of four (4) possible Adult Care Facilities to the CPST worker to visit the facilities with the client
  • CPST Worker and client have 30 days to visit and select the desired facility
  • CPST Worker must notify CCHB Residential Program Director at (513) 559-2040 of the move-in date
  • Client and Home Operator's comments should be completed on page 5 on move-in day.
  • CPST, client and home operator must sign and date page 5
  • The updated Medication Record, page 6 of the Mental Health Plan of Care, must be completed by the CPST prior to the client's move-in day and provided to the Home Administrator on move-in day

Documents to be completed prior to arrival:

Documents to be completed at move-in

Go to Central Community Health Board to access placement procedure information and to download required forms.